Bus Transformed to RV

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Bus Transformed to RV

Some adventure fanatics buy coaches or buses and transform them into recreational vehicles. An RV is the key to fun, freedom and a whole new lifestyle. You'll need specialist coverage to protect yourself, your passengers and your investment in transforming your bus.

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Suitable for

This insurance Suitable for following :-

Class A Motorhome

A large, bus-like house on wheels.

Class B motorhome

Smaller unit, perhaps the size of a van.

Truck Camper

Attached to the bed of a truck.

Class C Motorhome

Mid-Size RV

Travel Trailer

A towable unit without a motor attached by a trailer hitch.

Fifth wheel trailer

Towable unit without motor attached by a hitch hook

Bus motorhome

Bus transformed into an RV.

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This insurance offers following types coverages :-

Repairing or replacing

The cost of repairing or replacing your motorhome or trailer after an accident.

Replacing new trailer

The cost of replacing your trailer or camping unit in the event of a total loss occurring within 24 months of the date you purchased it new.

Replacing content

The cost of replacing your content.

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