Sharia Compliant Insurance Policy

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Sharia Compliant Insurance Policy

We Talk Insurance is proud to be appointed as brokers working with Ethical Insurance, Canada’s first Shariah-compliant insurance product provider. Sharia-compliant insurance is designed to support the beliefs of our Muslim clients and the commercial activities within the Islamic finance industry. This insurance adheres to Islamic principles, ensuring that financial transactions are conducted ethically and within the bounds of Sharia law.

Types of Coverages

Currently operating in Ontario, We Talk Insurance is committed to serving Ontario-based clients with Shariah-compliant insurance needs. Our brokers understand the importance of aligning insurance products with Islamic values. We provide tailored solutions that ensure compliance with Sharia principles while offering robust protection for commercial properties and construction projects. Trust us to deliver ethical insurance solutions that meet your needs and respect your beliefs.

Commercial Property Liability: Protects commercial properties against risks such as fire, theft, and natural disasters.
Construction Risks: Covers various risks associated with construction projects, ensuring the protection of assets and liabilities during the building process.

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